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Top 3 Classic TV Shows Of All Time

Top 3 Classic TV Shows Of All Time

As the digital age has taken over the entertainment sphere, the concept of watching shows, series, and movies have changed. Several aspects of entertainment have changed over the years, with the OTT platforms being the latest fad. People now prefer to stick to these digital screens that are easily accessible from home. Hundreds of shows are launched on these platforms every year which are running splendidly as well. But the craft-lovers are still looking for the classics that used to rule the television. People waited for weeks for the next episode of their favorite show to drop, unlike today where the whole season gets released on a single day. Although not all shows can be streamed on the digital platforms today, some of the cults are still available. The big names in the industry, like Amazon and Netflix, have acquired the rights to stream the classics on their sites. Let us have a look at the top classic shows of all time.

1. I Love Lucy

The show ran for six years straight from 1951 to 1957 and is one of the most famous sitcoms in history. ‘I Love Lucy’ can be streamed on CBS and Hulu in its original, black-and-white format. Lucille Ball plays the role of Lucy Arnaz, whose physical comedy has generated a huge number of fans. The 181-episode-long series has inspired many hosts of imitations in the 1950s and still does so. Lucy has been consistently occupying the place of being the best and most influential TV show in history. Depiction of Latinos in the show was hilarious and thought-provoking as to draw our attention to the role of women in that era. When you are in your worst phase, ‘I Love Lucy, will surely leave a smile on your face to deal with the issue at hand with ease. Try it out and feel bliss fill every corner of your heart.

2. The Flintstones

Want a journey back to the Stone Age where a family leads the modern life in the era of inventions and wonders? The Flintstones is the best call for you when all you need is fun and an escape from the real-world issues. The animated sitcom that was developed in the 1960s became widely popular for its interesting and engaging plot. A primetime slot was held by the show on the ABC for six seasons. Eyeing the modern-day ahead of them, Fred Flintstone, Wilma, and the Rubbles navigate the Stone Age. The show has garnered appreciation and applause all through these years from kids adults alike. Being a landmark in the classic television, The Flintstones is even now loved by many are binge-watched on Amazon.

3. The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Following ‘The Flintstones,’ ‘The Simpsons’ was another animated family that took over the television screens with the fun that it brought through those cute faces. Books and essays have also been created with the fictional family as an inspiration. For more than thirty years, the show has been ruling the screens and has no plans to stop impressing the viewers. With over 300 episodes, you can spend a lot of time having fun by watching the family take on the daily chores of life.

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